Student Announce March 4, 2024

Stay for 4! Information Table in CDH

For any student interested in continuing on from a 2-year Associates degree to a 4-year Bachelors degree, the Academic Advising Center and the Admissions Office will be providing an information table every afternoon from 12pm to 2pm during the week of Monday, March 4th to Friday, March 8th outside of the Terrace in CDH. Stop by and grab some informational handouts about the Stay for 4! Program, ask questions and enjoy some small giveaways! For questions, please email 

- Samantha Brockway

Paintball Battle

Get ready for the ultimate paintball battle on March 23rd, 2024! 🎉

Uniquely Tailored is teaming up with the Campus Activities Board and Ujima for an epic paintball event that you won't want to miss! 🎨🔫

🚌 Bus Pick-Up: 12:30 PM
📍 Location: Right outside the Rock Wall at Alfred State

Don't forget your Alfred State ID! 🆔 It's your ticket to a student discount of $33. Without it, students will have to pay $55. 💰

Make sure to RSVP on Pioneerlink to ensure a seat on the bus!!

Grab your friends, gear up, and get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience! 🎯💥

See you there! 🎉

- Unique Isom

What’s Going Around- Health and Wellness Services

Upper respiratory viruses continue to be the most common medical diagnosis at Health and Wellness Services.  Symptoms may include a runny nose, sore throat and a persistent cough that could last up to a couple weeks. Recommendations from our medical team include rest, fluids, and over-the-counter pain relievers and possibly decongestants. These infections are usually viral and typically resolve within two weeks on their own.  Overall, ways to lower your risk of infection include the following:  plenty of sleep, stay physically active, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids, and eat nutritious food.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you wish to be evaluated by our team through the end of this week.  Alfred Campus- call us at 607-587-4200 to set up a time to visit (appointment only).  Wellsville Campus- call 607-587-3141 or visit the health center in the PSU for a walk-in appointment.

- Clarissa Richmond

Skills USA Traffic

On Tuesday, March 5, 2024, Alfred State will be hosting the 35th Annual Skills USA Region I Leadership Conference and Skills Olympics. Alfred State will welcome over 850 visitors. Alfred State faculty, staff, and students should be aware of the following and how it may impact you individually.

·         West Gate Road (above Facilities) will be coned off beginning at 7 a.m. so that buses can be parked there for the duration of the competition.

·         Buses will be entering campus and unloading passengers in the faculty parking lot of Orvis Activities Center beginning around 7:20 a.m. You will notice an increased amount of traffic in the morning so if possible avoid this area.

·         Buses will be parked on West Gate Road for the entire day. 

·         We will begin moving buses to the staging area around 2:15 p.m. This area includes lot #18, #19, and #20. These lots are also known as “Siberia” parking lots up by the track. 

·         If you are parked in any of these lots, you will not be able to exit until all the buses have loaded and departed. 

·         There will be an increased amount of traffic on Upper College Drive between 4 and 4:30 p.m. 


Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

- Gregory Howe

Career Fair Parking

On Tuesday 3/5 at 4 pm, parking lots 18, 19 and 21 will closed for the Career Fair in Orvis.  These lots will reopen on Wednesday 3/6 at 4 pm.  Please have your vehicle moved out of these lots by 4 pm on Tuesday.     

- Gregory Howe

Stay For 4 - Submit Your Application In Time to Register For Fall Classes!

Any students who are planning to graduate this May from either an associate (or certificate) program who wish to continue their education at Alfred State College in a corresponding baccalaureate (or associate) degree program need to complete a SUNY Joint Admissions/Intent to Enroll Form.  This would also include any graduates who wish to pursue the Technology Management or Interdisciplinary Studies baccalaureate degree!

These forms should be completed and returned to the Admissions Office as soon as possible.  Students must submit their completed SUNY Joint Admissions/Intent to Enroll Forms to the Admissions Office by the end of March in order to sign-up for spring classes when course registration opens on April 8.  As a reminder, there is no application fee since students will be either associate degree (or certificate) recipients continuing in the corresponding program. 

The updated SUNY Joint Admissions/Intent to Enroll form is available at

- Laura George

Women's Empowerment Mixer - Please join us!

To kick off International Women's Week, please join us on Monday, March 4 in the MacKenzie Commons from 5-7PM for a Women's Empowerment Mixer. It will be an evening of inspiring conversations regarding inclusion, womanhood, and sisterhood. The evening will provide opportunities to meet and conversate with our female faculty/staff and other students while enjoying light refreshments.

- Calsey Bump

3v3 Women's Basketball Interest Form

The Sports Business Club is looking to gage interest of the students to see if they would want to participate in their 3v3 women's basketball tournament. If you are interested, please fill out this Google Form.

- Brooke Scianna

International Women's Week Celebration!

March kicks off Women’s Week at ASC. There will be celebrations for historical accomplishments, career achievements, and creative excellence by women. Please see the schedule of events below, we are excited to see you there!

  • Saturday 3/2
    • Princess Diaries Pajama Party | Pioneer Lounge | 10PM-1:30AM
      • Come dressed in your best pair of appropriate pajamas to enjoy Princess Mia pizza, Queen Clarise corn dogs, tiaras, music, and more!
  • Monday 3/4 - 
    • Female Empowerment Mixer | MacKenzie Commons | 5PM-7PM 
      • This is a networking event to meet with our female faculty/staff on campus that make a difference. One of our ASC students will be opening the mixer with spoken word!
    • Women's History and Voter Registration Table | SLC Park space | 10 am-2 pm
  • Tuesday 3/5
    • 2 Twenty Minute Rev & Flow Express Classes | SLC 310 | 2-3PM
      • Work out to female musicians with the opportunity to learn more about their lyrics!
    • Write a Letter to a Woman who has Inspired You Table | SLC park space | 11AM-1PM
  • Wednesday 3/6
    • Make Your Own Period Basket Table | SLC park space | 2-4PM
    • Mash Up Rev & Flow/Zumba | Pioneer Dance Studio | 1:30-2:30PM
    • Name That Tune - Empowering Women Theme | SLC Park space | 7:30-8:30PM
    • Write a Letter to a Woman who has Inspired You Table | SLC park space | 11AM-1PM
  • Thursday 3/7
    • Women in Trades Celebration | AOS campus | 11AM-1PM
    • Rev & Flow | Pioneer Dance Studio | 5-6PM
    • Zumba | Pioneer Dance Studio | 6-7PM
    • Write a Letter to a Woman who has Inspired You Table | SLC park space | 11AM-1PM
  • Friday 3/8 - 
    • Wear purple to celebrate womanhood! Gather in the SLC park space at 10AM for a photo!
    • Write a Letter to a Woman who has Inspired You Table | SLC park space | 11AM-1PM
- Calsey Bump

Fall 2024 Housing Application Launches March 1

Fall 2024 Housing Application Launches March 1

New, transfer, and returning students can log into Housing to complete your housing application for the fall 2024 semester beginning on March 1! 

Please note the actual room selection will being at a later date. Keep an eye on Student Announce for further details. 

Please follow these instructions: 

  1. Log into your
  2. Select the “Housing” icon
  3. All housing application forms are available under the Housing Overview tab. You will also have a recommended action to 'Apply for Housing' that will take you to the housing overview.
  4. Click the "Apply Now" button beside the housing you wish to apply.
  5. If you haven't completed your housing profile and profile questions, you may be required to complete both the housing profile and housing profile questions before proceeding to the housing application form.
  6. Once you have completed the housing profile and profile questions, you will be re-directed to your homepage. You can then use the recommended action or the housing overview to reopen the application. Select your Residence building preference by choosing the building that you would most like to live from the list on the left. You can reorder or remove preferences in the box on the left. Click "Save" to save your data, or click "Save and Continue" to proceed.
  7. Complete all questions on the application form. Mandatory questions on the application are marked with a red asterisk mark. After completing your application form, click "Save" to save your data, or click "Save and continue" to continue with your housing application process.
  8. On the Confirm Application page, carefully review your application details and check off the three terms listed indicating that you understand and agree with all statements.

Once your housing application is completed activate your RoomeeZ profile to find potential roommates! Please follow these instructions to activate and create your RoomeeZ profile.

  1. Turn on your profile under “My roommate profile.”
  2. Fill out the required fields on your roommate profile.
  3. Select which information you want shared with other students.
  4. Enter any social media and contact information you want to share.

You are now complete and can search for a potential roommate with other students who have created a RoomeeZ profile.

- Erika Winans

Fall 2024 Group Housing Application Launches March 4

Fall 2024 Group Housing Process - Application opens March 4 

            Application open March 4 through March 8

            March 18 – Group Leader will be notified of the decision via email if placed through the group process

  1. All members of the group need to complete their housing application (please see Housing Application Announce or for further instructions) 
  2. Select one student to represent your group
  3. Log into your
  4. Select the “Housing” icon
  5. Under “Forms” locate and select the “Group Housing Sign-up” form
  6. Complete the form, once done select “Submit for Review” 

Group Housing Process and Information 

Our group process allows a group to sign up for a MacKenzie Rowhouse, MacKenzie Commons Apartment, Townhouse, or Main Gate Suite for the 2024-2025 academic year

Group sizes can range from 1 - 12 people.

Groups can be COED (male/female/non-binary persons) living together. Those that wish to live in a COED area will need to agree to live in a COED area later in the form.

Areas that are single rooms: MacKenzie Commons Apartments and Townhouses. All other areas are double occupancy rooms.

If your group does not fill the space in which they are placed, another group may be added to fill the remaining space. The combined groups will be based on the group criteria (i.e. single gender or COED).

The Office of College Housing cannot guarantee that all groups will be placed, it all depends on the applicant pool and available space.

Groups that are placed through our group process do not need to sign up for rooms during individual sign-ups.

Those that leave the group placement are not guaranteed to be placed back into the previous placement.

Groups are scored and placed based on a matrix of the following information:

  • Years in residence
  • GPA
  • Accrued credit hours
  • Judicial history (negative score)
- Erika Winans

KAPPA SIGMA EPSILON Annual Student Leadership Award

The Kappa Sigma Epsilon (KSE) Annual Student Leadership Achievement Award was created by the KSE Fraternity at Alfred State to assist students enrolled in Alfred State College with a high school average of 80 or higher. Due date for application is April 1st, 2024. 

To be eligible for consideration for the annual award, the student(s) must:

a. Complete application process outlined on the Alfred State College (ASC) website

b. Remain in good academic standing at the end of the first semester – provide


The scholarship money received may only be applied toward non-tuition or costs associated with attending Alfred State.

Any question regarding this award,

please contact Daniel Garcia. 


Apply to be a Resident Assistant!

The Office of Residential Services is now taking applications for the Resident Assistant Position for Fall 2024.

RA's get leadership development, mentorship with professionals, soft skill development and a resume builder, opportunities to advance into paid positions, and getting their room paid for!

Use this link to apply:
The application will close on March 31st at 4:30pm.

To qualify for the RA position, candidates must have a minimum 2.25 GPA and no current student conduct status.

If you have questions about the position or the hiring process, please contact Residence Director Patrick Defoe by email at

- Patrick DeFoe

Student Senate Budget Request Packets - 2024-25 Academic Year

The Student Senate budget request packet is now accessible for all clubs and organizations. Please ensure that you review the instructions page carefully to submit your request correctly.

You can download the request packet: here

All requests must be submitted by the end of the day on Friday, March 8th. Please send your submissions to Student Senate at student

For any inquiries or assistance, please contact


- Tyler Ribble

Alfred State Debate Club Mock Trial

Are you interested in the Criminal Justice field? Maybe you wanted to be a actor or a lawyer? Well them you should reach out and ask about one of the many roles that will be offered during the Debate Clubs Mock Trial later this year! 

All are welcome! Student and Staff alike! 

Reach out to Chandler Kemp at for more information


- Chandler Kemp

Student Commencement Speaker Nominations

Nominations are now being accepted for Student Commencement Speakers.

Students, faculty, staff, or administrators may nominate candidates. The nominees must be graduating students who feel comfortable speaking to an audience and are representative of the graduating class within their school (SAS, SAMET). We plan to feature brief (3 minute) speeches by one student from each school. Students interested in representing SAT and Northland should contact their instructors to express interest.

The nomination form can be found here:

The priority deadline for nominations is Friday, March 8. Please direct any questions to   

- Nicholas Stefanski

Join the Volleyball Club!

Want to be apart of a fun, inclusive, and engaging club sport but don't want to play on a athletic team? Join the Alfred State Volleyball Club today!

From doing fun trainings, engaging games, and later this year a large scale tournament, we are always looking for new members! 

Contact Chandler Kemp at for more information! 

- Chandler Kemp

Spring Break 2024 Transportation Options

Residence halls close on March 8 at 10 p.m. and open back up on March 17 at 12 p.m. 

Students must fill out a Break Housing Application if they will be here for any portion of the break. Please refer to the break housing application for requirements to be eligible to stay on campus. 


Friday, March 8 

  • Depart from Alfred to NYC at 7:45 am from West University St
  • Depart from Alfred to NYC at 2 p.m. from Orvis
  • Depart from Alfred to NYC at 2:15 from West University St. 

Sunday, March 17

  • Depart from NYC to Alfred at 10:15 a.m.*

*If March 17 bus sells out - purchase ticket into Rochester and fill out the Online Travel Request form to get a ride from Rochester bus station to campus*

Rochester Airport & Amtrak 

Saturday, March 9

  • Depart from Alfred at 6 a.m. 

Sunday, March 17 

  • Pick up at 5 p.m. from Rochester 

The Online Travel Request Form must be filled out 1 week prior to departure or pick up. 

- Erika Winans

Spring Break Housing Application

Residence halls will close at 10:00 p.m. on Friday, March 8, 2024, for the Spring Break. The Residence halls will reopen at Noon on Sunday, March 17, 2024. Residential Services is aware that the final bus scheduled to leave Alfred leaves before 10:00 p.m. If you are here for an academic reason and cannot make travel arrangements for the evening of Friday, March 8, please contact your Residence Director to remain on campus that night. However, you must plan travel arrangements for the morning of Saturday, March 9.

Only students who have been approved to stay for the break will be allowed in the residence halls.

All others may be charged with trespassing.

Students will only be approved who:

  • Live over 500 miles away (according to your home Banner Address)
  • Have a Special Circumstance (ex. You do not have a place to go)
  • Working for the college during the break (with Supervisors Approval)
  • Student athlete commitments for games/practice (confirmed with Athletics)

If you wish to apply to stay for the break, please complete the "Break Housing Request" form on eRezLife. To access this form, please sign in to, select "sign up for housing," and then select the "Break Housing Request" form. 

Please note, that this form will close at Noon on Tuesday, March 5, 2024. 

Prior to leaving for spring break please be sure to: 

  • Close all windows and blinds/ shades
  • Take out all garbage
  • Lock your room door

Your room will be inspected by a member of the Residential Life staff to ensure windows and blinds/ shades are closed and your room door is locked. Please notify your Resident Assistant of an approximate time you will be leaving campus. 

If you have any questions, please contact Residential Services at 607-587-4371 or email:

- Erika Winans