Student Announce September 25, 2023

Apply to Graduate in December 2023

All students completing degree requirements this semester need to apply to graduate (diplomas are not automatically awarded) by visiting > Graduation and Commencement > Apply for Graduation.  Prospective graduates should contact their academic department to ensure graduation requirements have been met and view their degree progress on DegreeWorks

The deadline to apply for a December 2023 diploma is October 9, 2023. 

  • There is NO fee for the graduation application.
  • Students with a minor OR students in a 4-year program looking to earn the corresponding 2-year degree (once requirements are met) must apply to graduate by filling out a Paper Degree Application
  • Please DO NOT apply for May 2024 graduation at this time. 
  • Graduating students who plan to return this spring (in a new program) must apply for readmission through the Admissions Office.  Readmission Applicants are unable to register until their application is approved. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Student Records and Financial Services Office at or call 587-4253.

- Tamara Knapp



Take a break, sit quietly, and create a piece of artwork, poem, story, or whatever and send to Ergo, Alfred State’s literary magazine, at



Wondering what to submit?  Full wrap cover (front & back) 17.25" wide by 11.25" high or just the front cover 8.75" wide by 11.25" high, 300 dpi, jpeg.  All entries must fit these specifications for consideration.

And better yet, there's a prize!  Winner and a runner-up will both get a $100 gift certificate for the ASC Campus Store, and boasting rights for being featured as the author of the cover on the Fall 2023 ERGO publication! 


- Debra Tomm

OPEN SWIM Orvis Activity Center

Open Swim Schedule

Monday - Friday 8PM - 10PM

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:00 AM - 7:30 AM

Sunday 10:00 AM - 1:00PM

- Catherine Dimino

Parking Lot Closures - Career Fair

Parking Lots 20 and 20A (near Pioneer Stadium) will be CLOSED at 4pm on Tuesday September 26th. Students that are being required to move their vehicles from parking lot 20 or 20A, may park in any open STUDENT lot between 4pm on the 26th and the conclusion of the Career Fair on the 27th. Parking Lots 20 and 20A will reopen Wednesday afternoon. Vehicles that remain in closed parking lots, or re-enter after the closing time are subject to a parking summons. 

Please continue to monitor your daily announces, as there will be many parking lot closures throughout the academic year.

- Jaime Dennis-Howe

MINI-BREAK Dining Hours

Be sure to follow ACES on our social media platforms to stay up-to-date with our upcoming events, menus, hours, and more!




- Amy Keyes

MINI-BREAK Dining Hours

Be sure to follow ACES on our social media platforms to stay up-to-date with our upcoming events, menus, hours, and more!




- Amy Keyes

Lost & Found

A lanyard with a YMCA entrance tag was found in the SDC building.  To retrieve, see Debra Tomm, Administrative Assistant, in the Student Development Center, Rm. 239.



- Debra Tomm

Room Condition Reports

Dear Residential Student, 

Prior to your arrival, Residential Services staff documented the condition of your room and its contents. This information will be used when you vacate the space, or as concerns arise, to determine whether any damage or excessive wear may have occurred, and to assess any necessary charges. 

Your “Room Condition Report” will be made available via eRezLife and you will have until September 29 to confirm its accuracy or note any discrepancies you may find. If you choose not to confirm or comment by September 29, the original report will be accepted as accurate, and you be responsible for any changes to the condition of the room that may be found during future inspections or when you vacate the space. NOTE: If you have a roommate, please review the report with them as one copy will be sent per pair of roommates. 

To access, review, and acknowledge your Room Condition Report: 

  1. Sign in to  

  1. Click on the “Sign Up For Housing” icon 

    a.(This will redirect to eRezLife) 
  2. In the “Home” menu, navigate to “Forms” -> “My Forms” -> “Room Condition Report Form” 

  3. Review the room condition report and then, under the “Resident Acknowledgement” section, select either “Yes” or “No” 

    a. If you select “No,” you will need to describe the discrepancy (e.g., “The desktop is scratched”) and upload a photo.  
  4. Finally, select “Confirmation to Building Professional” and choose the staff member responsible for your residence hall: 


Facility: Professional 

Braddon Hall: Hunter Lincoln 

Burdick Hall:Joshua Benitez 

Getman Hall: Mary Chamberlain 

MacKenzie Apartments, East & North: Lee Wascher 

MacKenzie South & West: Patrick DeFoe 

Main Gates A & B: Tyler Richards 

Peet Hall: Megan Jones 

R/C Hall: Don Schrader 

Shults Hall: Janel Farrell 

Townhouses: Don Schrader 


Kind Regards, 

Lee Wascher, Area Coordinator

- Lee Wascher

CLC is hosting a panel discussion

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month the Cultural Life Center is hosting a panel discussion on Monday, September 25th from 5-6pm in Pioneer Center Lounge centering around identity, culture, and the importance of Hispanic Heritage Month. REFRESHEMENTS WILL BE PROVIDED. All are welcome!

- Cassaundra Stone

Alfred's Got Talent Auditions

Students, do you sing, dance, perform magic tricks or comedy? What about juggling, reciting poetry, or riding a unicycle? We know you have talent and we want to see it! Alfred's Got Talent, Fall 2023 will be taking place on Friday, October 13. If you are interested in showcasing your talent, reach out to Calsey Bump to schedule an audition at Audition dates will be Tuesday, September 26 and Wednesday, September 27 by appointment only from 6-8PM. Location to be announced!



- Calsey Bump