Student Announce September 27, 2023

Homecoming & Family Weekend - 2023

Join us for ASC Homecoming & Family Weekend 2023, October 13-15!

  • Do you have a car that you love to show off? Join our car show and the possibility of winning a CASH prize! Registration is FREE for students!
  • Audition for Alfred's Got Talent! 
  • Attend the Pep Rally, bonfire, and fireworks on Friday night!
  • Show your Pioneer Pride at the games on Saturday!
  • & MUCH MORE!

Visit for a full list of events for this fun filled weekend! 

- Calsey Bump

OPEN SWIM Orvis Activity Center

Open Swim Schedule

Monday - Friday 8PM - 10PM

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:00 AM - 7:30 AM

Sunday 10:00 AM - 1:00PM

- Catherine Dimino

Room Condition Reports

Dear Residential Student, 

Prior to your arrival, Residential Services staff documented the condition of your room and its contents. This information will be used when you vacate the space, or as concerns arise, to determine whether any damage or excessive wear may have occurred, and to assess any necessary charges. 

Your “Room Condition Report” will be made available via eRezLife and you will have until September 29 to confirm its accuracy or note any discrepancies you may find. If you choose not to confirm or comment by September 29, the original report will be accepted as accurate, and you be responsible for any changes to the condition of the room that may be found during future inspections or when you vacate the space. NOTE: If you have a roommate, please review the report with them as one copy will be sent per pair of roommates. 

To access, review, and acknowledge your Room Condition Report: 

  1. Sign in to  

  1. Click on the “Sign Up For Housing” icon 

    a.(This will redirect to eRezLife) 
  2. In the “Home” menu, navigate to “Forms” -> “My Forms” -> “Room Condition Report Form” 

  3. Review the room condition report and then, under the “Resident Acknowledgement” section, select either “Yes” or “No” 

    a. If you select “No,” you will need to describe the discrepancy (e.g., “The desktop is scratched”) and upload a photo.  
  4. Finally, select “Confirmation to Building Professional” and choose the staff member responsible for your residence hall: 


Facility: Professional 

Braddon Hall: Hunter Lincoln 

Burdick Hall:Joshua Benitez 

Getman Hall: Mary Chamberlain 

MacKenzie Apartments, East & North: Lee Wascher 

MacKenzie South & West: Patrick DeFoe 

Main Gates A & B: Tyler Richards 

Peet Hall: Megan Jones 

R/C Hall: Don Schrader 

Shults Hall: Janel Farrell 

Townhouses: Don Schrader 


Kind Regards, 

Lee Wascher, Area Coordinator

- Lee Wascher

Sustainability Club Hiking Event!

Fall is right around the corner here at Alfred State. Sustainability Club would like to invite everyone to a fall hike on Wednesday, September 27th at 6pm. We will be meeting at Student Lot # 22 by Orvis at 6pm. We will be hiking some of the Alfred State Hiking Trails just in time to see the beautiful fall foliage.  Please remember to dress warmly, wear closed toed shoes and get ready to rest and relax with us!


Please email JoAnna Musacchio, Sustainability Club President, at if you have any questions regarding the hike. 

- Anna Pensyl-Shutt

Volunteer Thank You - Celebrate Alfred: Day of Service

This past Saturday nearly 100 people came together from the Village of Alfred, Alfred State, and Alfred University to put some care into our shared community and our students were front and center as engaged participants. To all involved on the day, thank you for your service!  Very proud to be part of such a contributive community and look forward to seeing where this culture of care takes us next! 

For any student, faculty, or staff looking to get involved in more initiative like this, we'd love to hear from you (!

- Cyan Corwine

Alfred State T-shirts for sale!

If you loved the New Student Convocation t-shirts, we are selling them for $10 each. We have both blue and yellow available, all proceeds will go to the Office of Student Engagement to benefit student initiatives and development. If you'd like to purchase one, please email Calsey Bump at We are taking cash only!

- Calsey Bump

Print & Mail Services Daily Mail Route Update

We have updated our daily mail routes. Please see below.

Regular Delivery Days (Monday - Friday):

  • Morning Trip (8:45 a.m.):
    • Picks up all mail from the post office.
    • Stops at TA Parish, Facilities, CDH/ACES, Orvis, and Farm.
  • Mid-Morning Trip (10:30 a.m.):
    • Continues the regular route to deliver mail to SLC, Ag. Science, Huntington, Library, Theta Gamma House, Townhouse Commons, and Alumni House (when back online).
  • Late Afternoon Trip (3:30 p.m.):
    • Takes outgoing mail to the post office.
    • Delivers Wellsville mail to the bus garage (only when school is in session).

Additional Stops on Specific Days:

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:
    • EJ Brown and Engineering are added to the morning route on these days.
  • Tuesday and Thursday:
    • PHS and SDC are added to the morning route on these days.

As-Needed Stops:

  • Vet Tech and Motorsports are serviced only as needed. Mail is taken if there is something to deliver, and they call if they have something to send.

Wellsville Mail Delivery:

  • During the semester, Wellsville mail is taken to the bus garage for delivery daily.
  • When school is not in session, mail is delivered to Wellsville on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Special Arrangements:

  • If there is ever a need for mail service on days other than the scheduled delivery days, individuals can contact PAMS (x3520) to make special arrangements.


This schedule and routing information should help the Alfred State community understand when and where mail deliveries occur. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

- Chloe Dunn

Women’s Wrestling Team Looking for More Students – Coach Margaret Laine

Women wrestle, and so can you…even if you’ve never wrestled before. Are you courageous? Dedicated? Passionate about empowering women? The women’s wrestling team hopes to find a few more brave ladies to try wrestling, and you might be a great fit. This is your chance to make history and play an NCAA DIII sport, but the kick is, no experience is required. If you already like the gym, enjoy learning about nutrition, and are competitive, come to our interest meeting on Wednesday, 10/4 at 6:00PM in ORVIS 321, or reach out to Coach Laine ((425) 321-9667, to see what it’d look like to be a woman wrestler for Alfred State.

- Catherine Dimino

Mini Break and Residence Halls

Residential Services would like to remind students that while Mini-break is occurring, our residence halls will not close nor are students required to leave for break. Our residence halls will still be staffed by Resident Directors during standard business hours for mini-breaks. We encourage you to call your building's RA on Duty number if you are in need of assistance. 

Please note, that the Student Code of Conduct and License of Residence will be enforced during the mini-break and any violation of the Student Code of Conduct or License of Residence will be addressed and followed-up on accordingly.

For any questions, please contact Residential Services at or 607-587-4371.

- Donald Schrader

Are you Interested in Assisting People In Need This Tax Season?

Consider volunteering through the IRS program VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance). Volunteers, once certified, can help those that meet income requirements file tax returns free of charge!  Alfred State is currently coordinating with the IRS, Alfred University, area school districts and the Southern Tier Library System to determine site locations and the number of volunteers needed based off expected returns to be processed.  Training is online and free to any who would like to complete it once the material becomes available in November.  Tax preparation would begin in January and end in April with dates, times and locations to be determined.  For more information on what it takes to be volunteer you may visit: IRS Tax Volunteers | Internal Revenue Service.  Interested volunteers should contact Professor Holly Chase at  You need not be a business or accounting student or even a student to volunteer!  This service is open to anyone who is interested in giving back to the community. 

- Cindy Croston

What is REV+FLOW fitness?

What is REV+FLOW fitness? It is functional mobility that is low impact and high intensity at the same time. It is a one of a kind workout that is kind to your body as you develop strength, toning, balance, and flexibility. We offer a weekly class for students, faculty and staff on Thursdays from 5 - 6 pm in The Studio at the Pioneer Center. Yoga mats and light (optional) hand weights are provided. Watch this short promotional video to see what you might expect during the REV+FLOW class. If you have questions, contact Lynn Hayes at


- Lynn Hayes