Student Announce September 22, 2023

AIAS Merchandise Sale

We are excited to announce that AIAS is launching a merch sale featuring an exclusive Alfred State Skyline logo!  We are selling t-shirts, sweatshirts, quarter zips and stickers. Please use the link below to access the order form and place your order. The sale will be open from now until Wednesday, October 4th, so be sure to place your order before then. Make sure to share with friends and family even if they are not in architecture; this logo cannot be found in the bookstore! 


Thank you, and please email with any questions. 


AIAS Merch Sale Order Form

OPEN SWIM Orvis Activity Center

Open Swim Schedule

Monday - Friday 8PM - 10PM

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:00 AM - 7:30 AM

Sunday 10:00 AM - 1:00PM

- Catherine Dimino

Parking Lot Closures - Tailgating

Parking lots 20 and 20A near the Pioneer Stadium will be closed beginning at 4pm Friday September 22nd. Students that are being required to move their vehicles may park in any open STUDENT lot between 4pm on the 22nd and Sunday night. Parking Lots 20 and 20A will reopen upon completion of the game. Vehicles that remain in closed parking lots, or re-enter after the closing time are subject to a parking summons. 

Please continue to monitor your daily announces, as there will be many parking lot closures throughout the academic year.

- Jaime Dennis-Howe

Commuter Council Trip - 9/23


The Commuter Council is hosting a trip to Empire Dragway on September 23! Open to both Commuter and Campus based students, we will watch superfast motorbikes and cars. We will meet at the SLC parking lot and travel for the day. All Commuter Students who attend will be placed in a raffle for one of ten Gas Cards, also provided by the Commuter Council. Look out for our tables on campus!

RSVP on Pioneerlink to secure your spot!

- Calsey Bump

Calling All Commuters!


My name is Michael Bianco, I'm from Metuchen, NJ, and I am the Vice President of Commuter Affairs for the Student Senate, and Committee Chair and Treasurer of the Commuter Council. The role of Commuter Affairs is to liaison commuter concerns to Student Senate meetings, host Commuter Council meetings, and engage in commuter focused operations. The Commuter Council is responsible for creating event opportunities on campus that engage commuter students, and also taking on multiple initiatives that are important to commuters that aim to better the commuter experience on campus overall. 

Planning events for commuters cannot be only based on Council approval, we need YOUR help! Executive Board positions are open. Vice Committee-Chairman, Public Relations Officer, and Event Coordinator, all positions are posted in the CC Constitution.

For more information on these positions please contact me at, and if anyone has any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

- Calsey Bump

Need a job? Have a 2.75 GPA? Want to help your peers? Apply to be an APM

The Office of Residential Services and Student Success Center are hiring Academic Peer Mentors (APMs). 

  • Academic Peer Mentors (APMs) are live-in residential staff that are co-supervised by Residential Services and the Student Success Center (SSC). 
  • APMs will connect with mentees in their residence hall to establish academic, social, and career goals. 

  • The APMs will also engage residents in timely and topical conversations to help student develop a deeper understanding of how to be successful in college. 

  • Additionally, APMs will serve as a resource for students helping them identify and use appropriate campus resources. 

    APMs will serve as a positive role model in the classroom and within the community at large and must maintain a 2.75 GPA. 

  • The job requires 10 hours a week and they receive a half-room compensation. 

  • APMs will be placed in first-year residence halls (Shults, Peet, MGA, Mackenzie South, Braddon, and Burdick). 

  • Apply using this link:

- Amy Babcock

Room Condition Reports

Dear Residential Student, 

Prior to your arrival, Residential Services staff documented the condition of your room and its contents. This information will be used when you vacate the space, or as concerns arise, to determine whether any damage or excessive wear may have occurred, and to assess any necessary charges. 

Your “Room Condition Report” will be made available via eRezLife and you will have until September 29 to confirm its accuracy or note any discrepancies you may find. If you choose not to confirm or comment by September 29, the original report will be accepted as accurate, and you be responsible for any changes to the condition of the room that may be found during future inspections or when you vacate the space.  

To access, review, and acknowledge your Room Condition Report: 

  1. Sign in to  

  1. Click on the “Sign Up For Housing” icon 

    a.(This will redirect to eRezLife) 
  2. In the “Home” menu, navigate to “Forms” -> “My Forms” -> “Room Condition Report Form” 

  3. Review the room condition report and then, under the “Resident Acknowledgement” section, select either “Yes” or “No” 

    a. If you select “No,” you will need to describe the discrepancy (e.g., “The desktop is scratched”) and upload a photo.  
  4. Finally, select “Confirmation to Building Professional” and choose the staff member responsible for your residence hall: 


Facility: Professional 

Braddon Hall: Hunter Lincoln 

Burdick Hall:Joshua Benitez 

Getman Hall: Mary Chamberlain 

MacKenzie Apartments, East & North: Lee Wascher 

MacKenzie South & West: Patrick DeFoe 

Main Gates A & B: Tyler Richards 

Peet Hall: Megan Jones 

R/C Hall: Don Schrader 

Shults Hall: Janel Farrell 

Townhouses: Don Schrader 


Kind Regards, 

Lee Wascher, Area Coordinator

- Lee Wascher

Fire Drills

Facilities Services will be conducting emergency evacuations (fire drills) from 9/25 - 9/29 to fulfill the requirements of NYS Fire Code.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Evacuation of Mobility Impaired Students During Fire Drills


If mobility impaired students are in a classroom or other room located on a floor without immediate egress to the exterior of the building, they are to go to the nearest exit and remain in the stairwell.  The elevators will not be operative during an emergency and should not be used during a drill.  The aide who accompanies his/her mobility impaired student will remain with the student.  Thank you.


In the event of an emergency evacuation (fire drill) in a building, the occupants of the building should assemble at a predetermined location. The following is a list for the Academic buildings on the Alfred campus. These sites were chosen to allow access for emergency personnel in the event of an actual emergency.                                    



Administration—across parking lot #7 near the loop road.

AG. Sci.—Administration parking lot #7, CDH courtyard.

CDH — south side of the building near the entrance to Ag. Science.

Document Center— the rear entrance of Orvis.

E.J. Brown—bell tower area, east sidewalk between EJ and CDH.

10 Elm-bottom of the stairs at lot #4.

Engineering—near the emergency blue light on the west side of Engineering, or the east side near the bell tower.

Facilities Services—the far side of lot #17 by the designated smoking area.

Farm—across the parking lot on the west side of the dairy barn.

Library—bottom of the stairs by the bell tower.

Mackenzie Quad—sidewalk toward Mackenzie West, parking lot # 14.

Motor Sports—top of the stairs to parking lot #73.

Orvis—in front of the building by the bus stop.

Physical and Health Science—bottom of the stairs near the front of Ag. Science.

Pioneer Center—parking lot #35.

SDC—upper sidewalk in front of Engineering, south lawn near loop road.

SLC – parking lot #3 by University Police and

           West exit by Central Dinning Hall

TA Parish –top of the stairs near the loop road.

Theta Gamma House—parking lot #3 at the bottom of the SLC steps.

Vet Tech— far side of the access road on the west side of the building

- Denny Glass

Steve's Friday Feature - Steve Mauro

Today I’d like to tell you a little bit about Mike Armstrong, our head baseball coach. Read more at

- Chloe Dunn

Students Looking to change their major?

  • The Degree Program Change Form is used to change from one degree program (major) to another.
  • Degree Program Changes for the Fall 2023 semester cannot be processed after September 22, 2023.  Any requests received after the deadline will be processed for the next semester.
  • Students must notify both their current department chair and the department chair of the new program and both chairs must approve and sign the Degree Program Change Form.
  • The new department chair must list each course to be excluded from the new program.   Please refer to Academic Regulation 305.3 for more information on course exclusion policies.   


- Tamara Knapp

CLC is hosting a panel discussion

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month the Cultural Life Center is hosting a panel discussion on Monday, September 25th from 5-6pm in Pioneer Center Lounge centering around identity, culture, and the importance of Hispanic Heritage Month. REFRESHEMENTS WILL BE PROVIDED. All are welcome!

- Cassaundra Stone

Alfred's Got Talent Auditions

Students, do you sing, dance, perform magic tricks or comedy? What about juggling, reciting poetry, or riding a unicycle? We know you have talent and we want to see it! Alfred's Got Talent, Fall 2023 will be taking place on Friday, October 13. If you are interested in showcasing your talent, reach out to Calsey Bump to schedule an audition at Audition dates will be Tuesday, September 26 and Wednesday, September 27 by appointment only from 6-8PM. Location to be announced!



- Calsey Bump


Due to the recent closing of parking Lot 2, Lot 4 has been temporarily designated a Commuter/Student Lot.  Per the parking regulations Commuter students have always been allowed to park in any designated Student Lot on the Alfred State College campus.  Any further questions regarding parking can be answered by contacting University Police at 607-587-3999 or


- Anna Pensyl-Shutt