Student Announce December 8, 2022

Sport Marketing Final Poster Session

The Alfred State sport management, sport marketing class would like to invite the campus community to come observe and discuss their final projects. These projects will be on display this Friday, December 9th from 9 a.m.- 9:52 a.m. in the SLC small event space. Students in this course were tasked to create a sport product or product extension that would enhance something currently in the industry. We invite you all to please come by at your convenience during that time to see what the students have created! Thank you - Tony Aquilina

- Lucinda Croston

Study Sessions with Peer Mentors

Need somewhere to study? Join ASC Peer Mentors in the Student Success Center (SDC 205) for End of Semester Study Sessions Monday-Thursday from 5-7pm. Peer Mentors can help you make a study plan, quiz you with your flashcards, or discuss test-taking strategies. SDC is a quiet space to study so stop by!  

- Amy Miller

Technology Services - Hiring for Plotter Room Technician

What does Technology Services do?    The Technology Services Department provides comprehensive technology support for Alfred State. These services are provided by bringing together skills, knowledge, equipment to create an efficient and effective organization with a customer centered view.

The Technology Services Department provides skills and equipment availability that facilitate the learning process at the curriculum, student, faculty, and staff member level; with a goal of developing and maintaining the College's reputation as a leading college of technology.

The goal of the members of the department is to deliver successful solutions to all of our clients by seeking to understand their needs and to always attempt to exceed their expectations.

Some of the things Plotter Room Technicians and Print Center Proctors assist with are:

  • Installing print drivers
  • Choosing a paper type
  • Choosing an appropriate printer for a specific print job
  • Printing and releasing print jobs
  • Changing paper and toner
  • Removing jams from printers

Basic printer troubleshooting

If you are interested, applications can be picked up from Plotter room EN213 or the Helpdesk .

Free Shipping for Spring Term Text Books is Now OPEN!

Free Shipping for Spring Term Text Books is Now OPEN!

*Last Day is January 10th, 2023

*Does NOT Apply to Winter Term


Facebook: ACESAlfred     Instagram: acesalfredstate

- Amy Keyes

Intense Study Sessions for Finals Prep

The following study sessions will be provided to assist students' preparing for finals.  ALL ARE WELCOME!

Wednesday 12/7: 

Student Success Center - Test Taking 6-7 pm

Thursday 12/8: 

Simon Whitehouse 6-8 pm in SDC 252 covering MATH 1004, 1014, 1033/1034, 1054, 1063, 1084, 1103, 1123, 1143, 1203, 1323, 2043

Friday 12/9: 

De-stress Fest 6-9 pm SLC takeover

Monday 12/12: 

Simon Whitehouse 12-2 pm in Math Lab (SDC 332) covering MATH 1004, 1014, 1033/1034, 1054, 1063, 1084, 1103, 1123, 1143, 1203, 1323, 2043

Tim Bocchi: 2-4 pm in SDC 252 covering MATH 1033/1034, 1123, 1143

Karen Kelly: 6-7 pm in SDC 109 covering MATH 1014

                      7-8 pm in SDC 109 covering MATH 1033/1034

Nicole Davis: 5-6 pm in SDC 138 covering MATH 1004, 1103

                        6-7 pm in SDC 138 covering MATH 1054

Sarah Haskins: 6-8 pm in SDC 205 covering MATH 1033/1034

Tuesday 12/13:

Diedra Cardamone and Joe Martin: 4-7 pm in SDC 139 covering MATH 2043 and PHYS 1024

Sarah Haskins: 6-8 pm in SDC 205 covering MATH 1123

- Casey Cowburn


The last Walmart/Wegmans Plaza Shuttle Trip for this semester will be THIS SATURDAY, December 10, 2022.

*Walmart/Wegmans Plaza Trips will resume Saturday, January 28th at 11am until 2pm.


- Amy Keyes

All Shuttle Stops are Now Open!

All Shuttle Bus Stops are now open! Thank you for your patience as we navigate this exciting renovation period at Alfred State!

- Amy Keyes

Reminder - Return Library Materials.

If you have any library materials checked out, please return them before leaving campus to avoid replacement costs.  

- Jane Vavala

Attention December Graduates

In accordance with SUNY policy, if you have any financial obligations with Alfred State or you have not returned all equipment or supplies borrowed from the college, such as library books, athletic equipment, etc., your diploma will be held until these obligations have been cleared.  View and pay your holds now


- Tamara Knapp

Winter Break Housing

Residence halls will close at 10:00pm on Friday December 16, 2022, for the Winter Break. The Residence halls will reopen at 8:30 am on Friday January 20, 2023Only students who have been approved to stay for the break will be allowed in the residence halls.

All others may be charged with trespassing.

Students will only be approved who:

  • Live over 500 miles away (according to your home Banner Address)
  • Have a Special Circumstance (ex. You do not have a place to go)
  • Working for the college during the break (with Supervisors Approval)
  • Need housing until the bus to NYC on Sunday, December18

If you wish to apply for break housing, please complete the following application:


Please note that the application closes at 3:00 pm on Monday, December 12. 

If you have any questions, please contact Residential Services at 607-587-4371 or

- Donald Schrader

Winterbreak Transportation Options

Winterbreak Transportation Options Available

**Please note residence halls close on Friday, December 16 at 10 p.m.**

**Be mindful and purchase your tickets early as Megabus tends to sell out quickly and we are not the only college in town!**

Bus Services:

Megabus (

  • Depart from Alfred to New York City on Friday, Dec 16 at 7:45 a.m.
  • Depart from Alfred to New York City on Sunday, Dec 18 at 7:45 a.m.

***If you purchase a bus ticket for Sunday, Dec 18th you will need to fill out the break housing application to remain on campus***

Alternative bus services available through Trailways (


Bus services operate Monday through Sunday departing from Hornell, NY to New York City at 9:45 a.m.

Transportation to the Hornell, NY bus station will not be available unless Megabus is sold out for Dec 16 and 18.


Rochester Airport Shuttle:

  • Depart from Alfred, NY on Friday, December 16 at 6 a.m.
  • Depart from Alfred, NY on Saturday, December 17 at 6 a.m.

**Please note there will be no transportation offered on alternative dates or to alternative locations.**

- Erika Winans