Student Announce September 29, 2023

AIAS Merchandise Sale

We are excited to announce that AIAS is launching a merch sale featuring an exclusive Alfred State Skyline logo!  We are selling t-shirts, sweatshirts, quarter zips and stickers. Please use the link below to access the order form and place your order. The sale will be open from now until Wednesday, October 4th, so be sure to place your order before then. Make sure to share with friends and family even if they are not in architecture; this logo cannot be found in the bookstore! 


Thank you, and please email with any questions. 


AIAS Merch Sale Order Form

Room Condition Reports

Dear Residential Student, 

Prior to your arrival, Residential Services staff documented the condition of your room and its contents. This information will be used when you vacate the space, or as concerns arise, to determine whether any damage or excessive wear may have occurred, and to assess any necessary charges. 

Your “Room Condition Report” will be made available via eRezLife and you will have until September 29 to confirm its accuracy or note any discrepancies you may find. If you choose not to confirm or comment by September 29, the original report will be accepted as accurate, and you be responsible for any changes to the condition of the room that may be found during future inspections or when you vacate the space. NOTE: If you have a roommate, please review the report with them as one copy will be sent per pair of roommates. 

To access, review, and acknowledge your Room Condition Report: 

  1. Sign in to  

  1. Click on the “Sign Up For Housing” icon 

    a.(This will redirect to eRezLife) 
  2. In the “Home” menu, navigate to “Forms” -> “My Forms” -> “Room Condition Report Form” 

  3. Review the room condition report and then, under the “Resident Acknowledgement” section, select either “Yes” or “No” 

    a. If you select “No,” you will need to describe the discrepancy (e.g., “The desktop is scratched”) and upload a photo.  
  4. Finally, select “Confirmation to Building Professional” and choose the staff member responsible for your residence hall: 


Facility: Professional 

Braddon Hall: Hunter Lincoln 

Burdick Hall:Joshua Benitez 

Getman Hall: Mary Chamberlain 

MacKenzie Apartments, East & North: Lee Wascher 

MacKenzie South & West: Patrick DeFoe 

Main Gates A & B: Tyler Richards 

Peet Hall: Megan Jones 

R/C Hall: Don Schrader 

Shults Hall: Janel Farrell 

Townhouses: Don Schrader 


Kind Regards, 

Lee Wascher, Area Coordinator

- Lee Wascher

Alfred State T-shirts for sale!

If you loved the New Student Convocation t-shirts, we are selling them for $10 each. We have both blue and yellow available, all proceeds will go to the Office of Student Engagement to benefit student initiatives and development. If you'd like to purchase one, please email Calsey Bump at We are taking cash only!

- Calsey Bump

Women’s Wrestling Team Looking for More Students – Coach Margaret Laine

Women wrestle, and so can you…even if you’ve never wrestled before. Are you courageous? Dedicated? Passionate about empowering women? The women’s wrestling team hopes to find a few more brave ladies to try wrestling, and you might be a great fit. This is your chance to make history and play an NCAA DIII sport, but the kick is, no experience is required. If you already like the gym, enjoy learning about nutrition, and are competitive, come to our interest meeting on Wednesday, 10/4 at 6:00PM in ORVIS 321, or reach out to Coach Laine ((425) 321-9667, to see what it’d look like to be a woman wrestler for Alfred State.

- Catherine Dimino

Steve's Friday Feature

In this week’s Friday Feature I highlight a pair of faculty members/club advisors that went above and beyond this past weekend. Read more!

- Paul Welker

Mini Break

October Mini Break Technology Services Help Desk and Engineering Plotter Room Schedule

Help Desk Hours:

09/30/2023 Saturday – Closed

10/01/2023 Sunday – Closed

10/02/2023 Monday – Open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

10/03/2023 Tuesday – Open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Engineering Plotter Room (ENG213) Hours:

09/29/2023 Friday – Open Regular Hours

10/02/2023 Monday – Closed

10/03/2023 Tuesday – Closed

10/04/2023 Wednesday – Open Regular Hours


- Rawle Crawford

Fall 2023 Final Exam Schedule

The Fall 2023 Final Exam Schedule is available at the following link:


Students should contact their course instructors if they have questions regarding their exam schedules.

- Tamara Knapp

SLC Hours of Operation for Mini Break

The SLC Hours of Operation for Mini Break are as follows:

Friday, September 29: 7AM - 7PM

Saturday, September 30: 10AM - 4PM

Sunday, October 1: 10AM - 4PM

Monday, October 2: 7AM - 7PM

Tuesday, October 3: 7AM - 7PM

Resume normal hours of operation on Wednesday, October 4

Thank you and have a wonderful break!

- Sandra Burdick

Please Excuse ARCH 1184 Students - 10/4

Please excuse the following students from classes on Wednesday, 10/4, for a field trip:

Bracco, Austin M.

Cromartie, I'Lynd D.

D'Amato-Neff, Theresa W.

Dros-Lindholme, Deziray O.

Haeffner, Mackenzie R.

House, Ethan J.

Jones, George J.

Lee, Braxton H.

Mensah, Paapa T.

Perez, Justie

Reese, Olivia R.

Rinella, Faith M.

Sanchez, Adam

Santoro, Alessandra

Taylor, Grant R.

Tisdale, Trinity R.

Barros, Savannah

Curry, Katelyn E.

Eifert, Maria S.

Fiegl, Caleb

Gagne, Alexander L.

Green, Aarington C.

Grundy, Bryan R.

Kraynik, Oliver

Lorow, Kylee B.

Nembhard, Jaden A.

O'Connor, Sarah A.

Perry, Samuel

Saint, Cheikhanti

Setlock, Caprice M.

Arapas, Nicholas P.

Auty, Warren

Benjamin, Breawna R.

Comer, Reagan L.

DiMaria, Olivia C.

Drees, Parker F.

Farley, David A.

Faulkner, Ayden R.

Garcia, Abigail

Gotham, Kaylin A.

McAfee, Quinlyn

Morataya Garcia, Jennifer

Rust, Alexander L.

Samson, Nathan

Serrand, Morgan

Smalls, Shyhiem D.

Stanley, Aliyah A.

Vails, Adair J.

West, Gabriella J.

Wilson, Randall K.

Akrong, Luke K.

Bower, Cameron A.

Carabajo, Jaime S.

Darrin, Destiny M.

DiDonato, Elliot J.

Flores, Dulce K.

Geoghegan, Logan R.

George, Alexis

Goldswer, Hannah R.

Jeffers, AlexisMark, Micah J.

Mitchell, Allen J.

Murray, Avery A.

Parsell, Brayson J.

Ponce Hernandez, Sherlyn

Steiner, Amber R.

Thompson, Dimitri D.

White, Charlise A.

Chmarzewski, Alec J.

Dolan, Connor J.

Fontana, Joseph

Galindo, Kathy K.

Kornow, Cole W.

Larsen, Caley J.

Ortiz, Christian A.

Perez Vera, Stefano

Pinzel, Megan

Prendergast, James L.

Schlander, Elizabeth G.

Woods, Anthony G.

Worrell, Eugene

Years, Dylan J.

- Kevin Hofmann

Spirit Week - Homecoming/Family Weekend!

Let’s show our School Spirit and join the ASC Cheer Team for their spirit week to get into the Pioneer Pride Spirit for the kickoff of Homecoming/Family Weekend! A week full of fun and excitement! Post your pictures with #ASCSpirtitWeek23 for a chance to win pizza!! 

Monday Oct 9: PJ Day- Pajama Monday. Pop out with your comfiest pajamas you own and show your school spirit! 

Tuesday Oct 10: Career Day- Show us what all your hard work is for. Dress as your future occupation or your major.  

Wednesday Oct 11: Pink/Barbie & Ken Day- On Wednesdays we were pink… Any pink accessories and clothing will do. Also come out to Barbie-themed Casino Night for the chance to win prizes.  

Thursday Oct 12: Twin Day- Pair up and match up! Today is the day to make the word twinsies a reality.  

Friday Oct 13: Pioneer Pride Day- Show off your Pioneer Pride by wearing your jersey, team apparel, Alfred State apparel.  

- Calsey Bump

Senate Business Office - Remote

Tyler Ribble will be working remotely from Friday, September 29th - Tuesday, October 3rd. Please reach out via Teams or E-Mail for all needs during this time.

- Tyler Ribble

Road and Parking Lot Closures for Fall Mini-Break

As we continue to make more improvements to our Be-YOU-tiful campus, we are planning to minimize your inconvenience by using the Mini-Break on October 2-3 to pave Lower College Drive across the entire length from Hillcrest Drive all the way around to where Upper College meets the entrance to parking lot #21. That’s where the road currently stops. On the project days of October 2-3, paving will shut down all access to parking lots starting at Lot #1 all the way to Lot #16. The parking lots impacted are along the closed section of Lower College Drive marked in RED on this temporary detour map.

We need all cars parking in these lots moved into unaffected lots #18 through #40 along Upper College Drive no later than Sunday, October 1 at Noon. For those parking in Lots #8 and #9 after the date and time mentioned, your car will need to be towed (at your expense) to allow pavers to finish their project as we have no other choice but to clear the path for the equipment. Any cars left in the other impacted lots will not be towed but will be unable to leave the parking lot until the project ends.  

Please make any plans to move your vehicle by noon on Sunday, October 1. We anticipate all parking lots to be reopened by the evening of Tuesday, October 3. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Jon Nickerson at 4724 or by email. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in improving our campus roads!

- Russell Nunley


Oktoberfest - Buffet
Thursday, Oct. 12
Seating 5:00pm – 6:30pm

The dinner will take place in The Rig at Culinary Arts on the Wellsville campus.

Open to the public; reservations only for reservations or questions, call Mary Ellen ext. 3170.

You are welcome to bring your own adult beverage.


Menu to include:

Kartoffelsuppe (German Potato Soup), Bratwurst with Caramelized Onions, House Made Sauerkraut, Sauerbraten, Warm German Potato Salad, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Flammkuchen, Spaetzle, Mushroom Gravy, German Salads, and Desserts.


Cost is $25.00

Proceeds to Benefit Culinary Arts Student Scholarships

- Mary Ellen Wood

'Me Motivating Me' Workshop - SSC

The Student Success Center will be hosting the Me Motivating Me Workshop on Wednesday, October 4th at 5pm in the Student Development Center, Room 109. If you are struggling with motivating yourself to complete your daily tasks, staying on track with projects, or just need help taking your effort to the next level – come hear how to tap into your unused motivation.  You can do great things! 

Find this workshop and future events on Pioneer Link!

View our Fall 2023 Workshop Schedule on the Student Success Webpage:

- Samantha Brockway

Mini Break and Residence Halls

Residential Services would like to remind students that while Mini-break is occurring, our residence halls will not close nor are students required to leave for break. Our residence halls will still be staffed by Resident Directors during standard business hours for mini-breaks. We encourage you to call your building's RA on Duty number if you are in need of assistance. 

Please note, that the Student Code of Conduct and License of Residence will be enforced during the mini-break and any violation of the Student Code of Conduct or License of Residence will be addressed and followed-up on accordingly.

For any questions, please contact Residential Services at or 607-587-4371.

- Donald Schrader