Student Announce August 31, 2023

Senate Business Office - Tyler Ribble Out of Office

Tyler Ribble will be out of office until Wednesday, September 6th. 


If you have questions or require assistance regarding purchase requests and credit cards, please feel free to contact the following colleagues:

Victoria (Tori) Rech: Available to assist on Wednesday, August 30th, and Friday, September 1st.


Margarita Mendez: Available to assist on Thursday, August 31st, and Monday, September 4th.



For any urgent matters that cannot wait until my return please reach out to Spencer Peavey, at

- Tyler Ribble

Room Consolidations

Residential Services would like to announce that Room Consolidations will also be occurring during Open Room Changes. Room Consolidations pertain to students currently in a double room (two beds) who do not have a roommate. These students will either receive a roommate or be placed in another room. Please monitor your email and other posts within your Residence Hall for specific instructions from your Resident Director (RD) or Area Coordinator (AC).

Consolidations will occur from Thursday, August 31 to Sunday, September 10.

More information regarding Room Consolidations can be found here.

Please contact Residential Services at or 607-587-4371 with any questions regarding Room Consolidations

- Donald Schrader

Message from University Police

As the fall semester commences, University Police are reminding all students not to enter or walk within any campus areas that are currently under construction. This also includes all areas that are blocked off to vehicle traffic or fenced off in any way. Many unseen hazards exist within these areas and emergency personnel are unable to gain access or assist in the event of an accident or emergency. 

In addition, students are also unauthorized from tampering with any of the construction vehicles or property at any time. This includes moving or interfering with any cones or barriers observed on campus.


- Anna Pensyl-Shutt

SLC Hours of Operation for Fall 2023

The Student Leadership Center will be open 7 days per week from 6AM - 10PM for the Fall 2023 Semester.  

- Sandra Burdick



ERGO is funded by the Student Senate and is freely distributed each semester.  Students, faculty, and staff are invited to submit their original works of art, poetry, and prose by sending them to  Dr. Aniko Constantine (SDC Bldg., Rm. 309), is the Faculty Advisor for ERGO.  If you wish, your submission could be published anonymously or under a pseudonym.

The first meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 11, 2023, at 4:00 p.m. in the Student Development Center faculty lounge located on the 2nd floor, Rm. 242.  This meeting is open to any students interested in possibly joining ERGO.  This committee will meet 5 or 6 times during the semester.

Take a moment and review one of our previous publications located in several of the buildings around campus.  


- Debra Tomm

New BIPOC Male Scholars Program

Are you a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Population of Color) Male?

Would you like to be part of a new Academic, Professional, and Social program?

Then apply to join Brother to Brother…


Brother to Brother is part of the newly created Alfred State BIPOC Scholars Program for enrolled male-identifying BIPOC Alfred State students in all programs that provides academic, social, and professional mentoring, support, and opportunities focused on persistence, retention, and success of the community at Alfred State.

The Brother to Brother program is under the direction of Dr. Brian Saltsman, Coordinator of BIPOC Scholars, and is facilitated by professional and student peer mentors. The program will utilize on-campus offices and personnel, community resources, and regionally available programs and opportunities to meet the needs of the target demographic population. The goals are to build intentional community for men of color at Alfred State, increase the retention rate of men of color, and increase success outcomes inside and outside of the classroom.

Men interested in learning more or joining the initial cohort are asked to fill out the student interest form found at

An interest and intake meeting will be held during the first week of Fall 2023. A schedule of events and resources will be distributed. Currently, the following are a sample of the included topics and events:

-- Financial Literacy and Management         -- 3x3 Basketball Tournament

-- Cooking and Grilling Clinics                      -- Academic Goal-setting & Check-ins

-- CPR/First Aid Training                               -- Men of Color Leadership Conference

-- Philanthropy Project  

- Brian Saltsman

Open Room Changes

Residential Services would like to announce that Open Room Changes will occur from Thursday, August 31 to Wednesday, September 6.

  • Internal Building Moves
    • Students will have the ability to move to available beds within their current Residence Hall by talking with their Resident Director (RD) or Area Coordinator (AC).
    • Thursday, August 31 and Friday, September 1 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.
    • Students must complete moves within 24 hours of receiving their new room key.
  • External Building Moves
    • Students will have the ability to move to available beds in other Residence Halls by talking with Erika Winans in the Townhouse Commons or Don Schrader in the MacKenzie Commons RD Office.
    • Monday, September 4 – Wednesday, September 6 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.
    • Students can also discuss external building moves from 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm by meeting with the following people:
      • Lee Wascher – For those interested in MacKenzie North, East, South, West, or Commons please go to the MacKenzie East RD Office.
      • Mary Chamberlain – For those interested in Peet, Braddon, Burdick, Getman or Shults please go to the Getman RD Office
      • Don Schrader – For those interested in Main Gate A, Main Gate B, R/C, or Townhouses please go to the Townhouse Commons
    • Students must complete moves within 24 hours of receiving their new room key.
    • Please note, there may be some price difference depending on the building are interested in moving to. This will be discussed with you prior to completing the moves.
    • Information on housing costs can be found here:
  • Room buyouts will not be offered during open room changes.

Please contact Residential Services at or 607-587-4371 with any questions regarding Open Room Changes

- Donald Schrader

Student Senate Executive Board 2023-2024

President - Kaytlin Cottrell

Executive Vice President - Lilith Holmes

Vice President of Finance - Isaiah Dempson

Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging - Daniel Mitchell-Brown 

Vice President of Academic and Technology Affairs - Marlena Volpe

Vice President of Student Engagement - Danny Davis

Vice President of Student Life - D'Asia Grant

Vice President of Commuter Affairs - Michael Bianco

Vice President of Records and Organizations - Jianna Flora

Vice President of Wellsville Affairs - Amir Angevin

Week of Welcome - Thank you!

The Office of Student Engagement (OSE) would like to thank everyone for their assistance in making the 2023 Week of Welcome (WOW) a huge success! The OSE hosted 92 events from Monday, 8/20 - Sunday, 8/27 with the help of student run clubs and organizations' participation in connecting with new students. In total, with academic and DEI awareness events, there were a total of 106 events hosted in the span of WOW. A special thank you goes to facilities, ACES, academics, and our volunteers for their dedication and continued efforts! 

We are looking forward to continuing our momentum with events and programs for our new and returning students during the 2023-2024 academic year. As always, please reach out to the OSE for any opportunities to collaborate on events, volunteer, become an advisor, etc. 


- Calsey Bump

Water Shut Down

The water in SLC, Ag. Science, and University Police will be shut down Thursday,  August 31 from 7-11 a.m. for the Contractors to do their final tie in for the water project. If you have questions or concerns, please call the Facilities main office at 4750.

- Rachel Brandow

Last Day to Add a Class

The last day to add a full-term course is 4:00 pm on Monday, Sept. 11th.  Please see Academic Regulations 502.10A and 502.10B for more information.   

- Tamara Knapp

Reminder from Transportation Dept.

Friendly reminder that we must keep the ramps and parking area clear for our disposal vehicles to remove rubbish from our disposal containers and dumpsters. Please utilize designated parking areas for your vehicle. Our #1 goal is to keep our campus clean and safe. We appreciate your consideration and effort with this matter.

- Amy Keyes

Student Parking - University Police

University Police would like to welcome back all our students. We would also like to make our students aware that parking in the Faculty/ Staff lots is against the parking regulations and may subject you to being issued a parking ticket. University Police have annually not issued parking tickets for the first week of classes as a courtesy. This leeway in parking enforcement does not mean students can park in FACULTY/ STAFF lots without consequences. Parking enforcement of all campus lots will begin on Monday, September 4th.

Extended Mail Center Hours

Print and Mail Services will be extending mail/package pickup as a convenience for our students during this high volume mail period.

Starting this Wednesday, Aug. 30 through Wednesday, Sept. 13, we will be open from 8 a.m. through 5:30 p.m. We will also be open on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 4.

Reminder: If students are unable to come to the Mail Center during office hours, they may respond to the email from stating the name of the designee (trusted friend/roommate) authorized to retrieve their package. Questions may be directed to ext. 3520.

- Molly Andrus